December 10, 2023

It is that time of the year when the weather is cooling, the leaves are falling and the Office of Residence Life staff is planning its annual Halloween event for Oct. 31.

Although the tradition continues every year, the theme is different each time, with this one focuses around superheroes and supervillains.

“Each of our living areas have chosen a superhero story to portray,” said Kelsey Bergstrom, resident director for the Village Apartments.

Bergstrom said a few superhero films to look forward to being represented are “The Avengers,” “Batman” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

The students will get to experience the event in the Colony Apartments, rather than by Brisco’s Village Cafe, where it has taken place in previous years.

“Each of the scenes are out there in the (Colony) parking lot so it is a wide space, as well,” Bergstrom said.

With each scene being one minute and the final scene being 10 minutes, students can expect to get anywhere from 20-25 minutes worth of exciting crime-fighting, villain-defeating action.

During the event, students also have the opportunity to eat and play games.

“There are five game booths and five food booths,” Bergstrom said. “My team is doing the games and we’re trying to do really interactive games.”

Tess Farrand, junior film studies major, said she looks forward to coming together with all of the other living areas to hang out and celebrate California Baptist University and the holiday.

“My favorite part about the event is it’s fluid and changes every single year,” Farrand said. “We don’t stick with one theme.”

Farrand said she appreciates how hard the Residence Life staff works to get their scenes down and put the whole event together, especially because they want people to be entertained and have a good night.

Joshua Duren, sophomore accounting major and resident adviser for the Village, without wanting to give up too much information for the sake of
surprise, said this year the Village living area is in charge of the end scene.

Duren said the variety this year will bring strong attention to pop culture references and will grab the students’ attention.

William Lamora, senior childhood studies major and resident adviser for the Village, said he is  looking forward to seeing the school come together as a
community and get away from the stress of school and work for a while.

“The hard work that Resident Life put into this event is totally worth the end result of throwing a great event and making sure the residents have a good time,” Lamora said.

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