April 14, 2024

[Michele Muñoz | Banner] Alex Gutierrez, senior music major, tries to scare his fiancé Annie Baker, senior psychology major, with his mummy candle they made together to save some extra money on Halloween decorations.

The creepy decorations, the costume contests and the haunted mazes are back. However, with all the costs that come with being a college student, Halloween might find itself on a strict budget.

This holiday attracts enthusiasts nationwide. Among them are many college students wanting to participate but lacking  funds for it.

However, there are ways to still have fun and not overspend. Original costumes showing personality, fun parties providing community,
and cheap decorations allowing creativity are some of the ways students have innovated and made the holiday their own.

Eulina Davis, lead director and business owner of Creating a Remarkable Event in Fontana, has been running her business since 2005 and dedicates herself to planning memorable experiences.

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Callie Colb, California Baptist University alumna, worked as a First-Year Orientation and Christian University Success  leader and gained more knowledge and expertise in budgeting for events of larger groups of people.

“Pinterest has many great ideas for DIY costumes, decorations and festive snacks and desserts,” Colb said. “(But) be sure to weigh the costs of what you need for your DIY project before you end up spending a fortune.”

Colb suggested that in order to avoid expensive DIY projects to look for ideas that use  everyday household items, such as black trash bags to make spider webs or black paper for bats.

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Makenna Lammons, senior criminal justice and psychology  double major, provided advice and experience on budgeting.

“Yes, we want to throw the greatest parties, wear the best costumes and have the most decorated apartment, but in reality we are just college students,” Lammons said. “There will be a time and place when we have a higher income, but until then, don’t overindulge and be realistic.”

Lammons suggests to write out the process and be reasonable about budgeting, even if that means skipping certain events to look for deals and splitting costs with friends.

Ultimately, the goal for Halloween is for people to create memorable moments and have fun.

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