June 23, 2024

As various advertisements and debates have been broadcast during this election season, debates have taken a turn and made their way onto social media platforms.

Social media has a strong presence within today’s society. With applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, many people have access to anything and everything, including the presidential debates, with the goal being to reach a younger audience.

Emma Brazelton, freshman pre-nursing major, said the use of social media involves the younger generation and lets their voices be heard.

“We are a generation that relies on social media for our information,” Brazelton said. “Having the debate be integrated into social media makes us feel like we’re a part of something. ”

Jasmine Cazeau, freshman undeclared major, said social media is a great way for viewers to know everything on-the-go.

“I’m more likely to watch a clip of Hillary and Trump from my phone than sit there and watch it on TV,” Cazeau said.  “I just think it’s more popular to watch things from devices now. Even when you watch TV, you have your phone by your side and check it often throughout the shows and commercials.”

Although individuals can have access to the political race and debates present on social media, that does not guarantee the younger generation will

Dr. Elizabeth Morris, professor of education and mathematics and associate dean for Assessment and Accreditation, said that though politics are more present on social media, it does not mean people will want to be involved beyond their mobile devices.

“Young people will watch the debates if interested,” Morris said. “I don’t think the delivery of the viewing makes any real difference.”

Social media can have a positive effect on younger people because it is accessible, and raises awareness on certain social issues.

However, it is ultimately up to people if they want to be informed or not.

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