September 22, 2023

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“Route 66” was the theme for California Baptist University’s Homecoming Weekend Nov. 4-5., inspired by the 66th
anniversary of CBU as well as the 50th anniversary of the Class of  ’66.

The weekend was packed with events, kicking off with chapel worship Nov. 4, led by The Digital Age, formerly known as The David Crowder Band, with guest speaker and alumnus Josh Daffern delivering the message.

The Alumni Awards Dinner had a special time of recognition for past Mr. and Ms. CBC and CBU, as well as CBC Homecoming Royalty. The entertainment of the evening was a comedic act by Joel Berry, CBU 1998 alumnus and Mr. CBU of the same year. Berry is now a comedian who has created a fictional character, “Tavin Dillard,” as a YouTube personality.

The Block Party started at noon Nov. 5 by the Front Lawn and included a variety of department tents showcasing the creativity of their individual programs.

[Michele Muñoz | The Banner]
[Michele Muñoz | The Banner] Michele Munoz-Peña | CBU Banner

Gourmet food trucks catered lunch and dinner for students, alumni and visitors. Included in the food truck options was Ragin’ Cajun, a food truck chosen to be on the cast for the first season of “The Great Food Truck Race” on the Food Network.

“I really enjoyed when I was serving students as being an ASCBU staff member,” said Hyunji Choi, junior sociology major. “I really liked how I could see some of my CBU alumni friends again, so it felt like CBU is my home.”

The Digital Age performed again at the second annual Music “Zest”ival at Stamps Courtyard, bringing together students and families in a celebration of Riverside’s rich agricultural history. Booths were set up with different kinds of citrus fruit to give concertgoers a taste of Riverside citrus.

In addition to the Front Lawn activities, chapel services and dinners, sports games were scheduled throughout the weekend.

[Michele Muñoz | The Banner]
[Michele Muñoz | The Banner] Michele Munoz-Peña | CBU Banner

There was a men’s water polo game, a swim-and-dive meet and a baseball scrimmage, as well as a women’s volleyball game.

The weekend closed with Fortuna Bowl, the championship game of the intramural flag football season. The
women’s teams were S.W.A.T. and Bus Drivers, with Bus Drivers taking back the title they lost at last year’s game.

For the men’s teams,  Fruit of the Boom and Goon Squad faced off again, reminiscent of the intense struggle for the
title last year. Fruit of the Boom claimed the title this year, regaining the glory lost in the history-making, five overtime game from last year’s epic showdown.

“My favorite part of the night was seeing all the support there was at the game,” said Jacob Campbell,
sophomore business administration major, playing for Goon Squad as right guard and tight end. “After
losing the game, it was so cool having my friends come around to support me. They offered me food and even just time after to come over and watch a movie.”

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