April 12, 2024

[Reagan Lee | The Banner] Stephanie Bonty, freshman psychology major, hikes up a steep trail in the unique beauty of the hidden trails of the Graffiti Waterfall. The falls are dog-friendly and serve as the ideal location for a casual hike.

There is a place in Riverside that combines urban expression with simplistic beauty and is not widely known among most people because of its hole-in-the-wall nature. The Graffiti Waterfall is a short 10 minutes from California Baptist University and offers a distinct form of street art.

Right behind 3339 Lincoln St. lies a three-quarter mile hike, but the focal point still remains the rock wall of graffiti pieces. This is not the typical artwork found at a museum because there is no order or cohesive style. Along with being dog-friendly, this spot serves as a small hike or casual hangout.

Kenyce Lytle, sophomore psychology major, made the trip to Graffiti Falls a few times with some friends because of a power outage at school and appreciated the uniqueness of the trail, finding the location interesting.

“My friends are from around the area and they kept telling me how cool the falls looked,” Lytle said. “It was unique because there was a lot of different art on the rocks from a bunch of different people. Also, it’s behind a neighborhood so it was cool to see this behind a quiet space.”

Although the hike is not a very long one, Lytle recommended the hike should be made with a group because of the somewhat dangerous nature of the trail at times.

“I would go back because it’s something fun to do with friends, but it’s not something I would do on my own,” Lytle said.

Graffiti Falls lacks regular maintenance but is a laid-back hike not far from the city. Many people use the site to create urban masterpieces readily available to those willing to take the trip and admire the work of anonymous graffiti artists.

Austin Keisling, sophomore business administration major, decided to check out the falls because of his appreciation for Riverside and curiosity from what he had heard about them.

“I wanted to go because I love Riverside and it was one place I had never been,” Keisling said. “It was unique because it is a random waterfall in the middle of the city and had amazing artwork. It’s also a great place to get away from everything.”

The falls serve as a site for creative expression, as well as a way to escape everyday environments. It offers the opportunity to experience a different form of art in an unexpected location without any entry fee.

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