TripAdvisor takes stand for animal rights

When a decision can affect the livelihood and treatment of animals, choosing whether or not to take action may no longer be an option.

In October, TripAdvisor stopped selling tickets for animal interactions to fight animal exploitation.

“I understand TripAdvisor’s decision to go forward with not allowing interactions with animals,” said Lauren Sankey, junior visual arts major.

Sankey and her family help protect animals through monthly donations to the San Diego Wild Animal Park and Zoo. She and her sister also work for Lush Cosmetics because of its reputation of not testing products on animals.

“We tend to be very vocal about domestic and wild animals and what important steps we should take,” Sankey said.

For Tessa Brandstater, junior communication disorders and spanish major, her time in Morroco would not have been the same without her experience but supports TripAdvisor’s action.

“Riding that camel in Morocco on the beach was magical,” Brandstater said. “But seeing the way it was treated after the ride and being forced onto (its) knees to let me off almost didn’t make it worth it. It starts with one movement and one company to make a change and this is an awesome thing (they) are doing to help the animals.”

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