June 13, 2024

[Lauren Shelburne | Banner] Rudy Villarruel, saxophone performance master’s candidate, had multiple solos during the “Jazz Under The Stars” concert.

California Baptist University’s annual “Jazz Under the Stars”  concert Nov. 14 displayed spectacular talent, and took audiences back to the jazz era.

The fourth installment of “Jazz Under the Stars” took place in Stamps Courtyard, directed by Dr. Guy Holliday, assistant professor of music. The concert was composed of big-band jazz music, as well as seven songs from the theater program’s production, “The 1940’s Radio Hour.”

The crew set up chairs on the lawn for the audience to sit in, as well as a full audio set up to provide acoustics for them to hear.

Some soloists included Cameron Evans, sophomore instrumental performance major, on the tenor saxophone; Rudy Villarruel, graduate student in instrumental performance, on the alto saxophone; Austin Apple, sophomore aviation flight major, on the trombone; JP Scheuble, sophomore music education major, on the trumpet; and Jared Chrisman, junior civil engineering major, also on the trumpet.

Scheuble was one of the stars of the night with a trumpet solo many claimed was nothing short of stellar.

“The turnout was a good mix of family and friends,” Scheuble said. “Since the concert was located in the middle of the school, it made it easy for students to come.”

Wesley Hertel, sophomore business administration major, is a fan of jazz music culture and is currently enrolled in a class that introduces students to jazz history.

“The ambiance was classy and shows an artistic side of CBU and our students’ artistic abilities,” Hertel said. “It’s fun to hear the music I’m studying in a live performance.”

Brenda Buitron, sophomore psychology major, attended the concert for the first time.

“There is an elegance similar to the 1940s from the big band sound. However, I wasn’t previously a fan of jazz music until I attended this concert,” Buitron said.

The concert was a success, with positive reactions from students, parents and all who were in attendence that night. For more information on concerts, check the Collinsworth School of Music’s website.

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