June 13, 2024

Maddie Perry, senior communication studies major, is not only a woman of God, but also a YouTuber who finds time to balance schoolwork and her social media career.

Perry was only 16 when she began to star on a popular YouTube series known as “React,” produced by Fine Brothers Entertainment. The channel’s videos have more than one billion views with three different categories within their series for children, teens and adults.

“Finding time to make videos and do well in school is somewhat challenging because I’m constantly busy,” Perry said. “When I made the decision (to make videos), I knew it was something I wanted to pursue and I knew I had to prioritize to find time to do both. Since I do love making videos, I use that as a way to motivate myself to do schoolwork.”

Perry has more than 34,000 followers on Instagram and a blog called “Blonde to Bronze” that also boasts a large fan following.

Perry made it clear her fame has not gone to her head.

“Social media isn’t everything,” Perry said. “It’s cool to take cute pictures, but it’s important to realize social media isn’t real and not to base judgments off of it.”

Even though Perry has made a significant following during her career, the most important thing to her is who she is beyond what is seen on her channel or blog.

“You have to learn how to have a tough skin and know who you are,” Perry said.

Kristen Lemmon, senior communication studies major, has known Perry since their sophomore year of college at California Baptist University and said she has been inspired by Perry’s aspiration.

“What inspires me the most about Maddie is how she pursued what she wanted to do from such a young age,” Lemmon said.

Both Perry and Lemmon bring God into their images both on camera and off and said they believe their voices are powerful, giving them a chance to make an impact.

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