May 23, 2024

Two softball players at California Baptist University share a bond closer than that of just teammates. Amanda Springstead, junior psychology major and outfielder, and Kellye Springstead, sophomore undeclared major and pitcher, are sisters on the softball team.

Playing two different positions with no expertise of the other’s role, Amanda and Kellye find a way to connect their differences with a fun, sibling rivalry.

Amanda said having the support of her teammates is nice, but having familiar support is better.

“Being a student-athlete can be really challenging at times, so it’s nice to have someone that you completely trust around and who can comfort you,” Amanda said.

Kellye said Amanda motivates her on and off the field as an athlete and a sister.

“She yells at me sometimes to get me to do what I need to be doing,” Kellye said. “On the field, she’s always supportive and always telling me to kill it today and get my spots.”

Amanda said Kellye always uplifts and supports her.

“When I’m in the outfield and something isn’t going right for me she always tells me I got this and I am good enough,” Amanda said. “If I mess up, she’s always telling me it’s okay ; we all mess up sometimes.”

The sisters did not plan on playing collegiate sports together. Yet, both sisters were recruited for the softball team.

“I ended up at CBU, and Kellye was still in the recruiting process so I thought she was going to go somewhere else,” Amanda said. “Last minute coach Bill Baber brought her on and we were super happy about being at the same school together.”

Kellye said one of the benefits of being on a team with a sibling gives the
sport a family-tie feeling.

“I am more comfortable on the field because of her, and I know she’ll have my back no matter what,”
Kellye said.

On the other hand, Amanda said it makes the experience more competitive.

“We intrasquad a lot, so I face her and go up to bat against her,” Amanda said. “We compete a lot. Some days she gets me out every time and other days I’ll hit off of her pitch.”

Kellye said there is an advantage to having someone else to back her up and Amanda said she admires the friendly competition they have on the field.

“Having my sister there and that sibling rivalry is always fun,” Amanda said. “In the end, we’re always there for
each other.”

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