February 28, 2024

Downtown Los Angeles hosted TechFair LA Jan. 26, where thousands of job seekers and employers gathered to discover and demonstrate the latest technology.

At the event, companies ranged from Tesla to Comparably. Similar to LinkedIn, Comparably notifies clients of positions but connects people with the companies they are interested in after subscribing.

Armen Avedissian, chief marketing officer at Comparably, said the event had significant impact on the community and those who attended because of the togetherness of companies at all levels. Job seekers were able to learn about a multitude of firms and the technologies showcased.

“It was a true honor (to be at this event),” Avedissian said.

Jason Nazar, chief executive officer at Comparably, partnered with Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, to host the event that included 10,000 job seekers which was filled for much of the day. Garcetti had high hopes for the event.

“TechFair LA promises to be the tech community event of the year,” Garcetti said.

Among the hundreds of companies and their latest developments, it would be difficult to say Garcetti did anything but deliver on TechFair LA’s promises.

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