March 2, 2024

Students find focus at local coffee shops, public parks 

As midterms approach, the hours at the library are extended as homework and projects pile up. Fortunately, the Inland Empire provides students with off-campus locations to study without the distraction of friends or activities on campus.

For most students at California Baptist University, the location of choice is a local coffee shop. Justin Porter, sophomore business administration major, said the best place for him to study is Daily Brew Coffee House.

“My favorite place to go off campus to study is Daily Brew, and I go the most around midterms and finals,” Porter said. “It has good coffee and a good atmosphere for studying. Also, you usually see a friendly face.”

Alyssa Waite, freshman psychology and Christian studies double major, frequents a local coffee shop as well when she needs to find a place to zero in and focus.

“I have recently found my new favorite place called Back to The Grind,” Waite said. “I’ve only been once but I really enjoyed it. It felt very homey and relaxed; the drinks were delicious and they provided cool seating options.”

Another local hot spot is Augie’s Coffee House, which is the favorite of Lauren Kruzel, junior psychology major.

“Augie’s is my favorite choice because it is close to CBU, has amazing coffee and it is usually not too crowded,” Kruzel said. “They also offer free wireless internet, have a music playlist that isn’t too distracting, stay
open late and has strong coffee to keep you up all night.”

Coffee shops are the preferred destination. However, places that take more of a drive such as Downtown Disney or the Anaheim Packing District serve as a place to get work done away from Riverside.

Local areas around the Mission Inn also provide small restaurants such as Simple Simon’s. If students need a place to eat and study off campus, small courtyards and parks downtown also serve as places for groups to study or work on projects.

Another outdoor area for studying is at the University of California, Riverside, where they offer more than 3,500 plant species from around the world in their Botanical Gardens. This living plant museum is open to the public daily from 8 a.m–5 p.m and only asks for donation fees.

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