June 13, 2024

California Baptist University’s College of Arts and Sciences hosted the Ninth Annual Natural and Mathematical Sciences Research Seminar Feb. 18 in Innovators Auditorium.

The seminar included a keynote speaker, Dr. Larry Cahill, professor of neurobiology and behavior at the University of California, Irvine, who spoke about “Sex Influences on the Brain and Body: An Issue Whose Time Has Come.”

“I like speaking to students because I enjoy being an educator,” Cahill said. “I love talking to people and shaking up their brains, having them question what they think they know. If I can get in the head of at least one of them and have them wonder how certain they are about brain biology or sex differences, then I have succeeded with my talk.”

There was a poster session after Cahill spoke in which students displayed their work to share the research they have been working on and will continue to work on throughout the semester.

Dr. Bruce Prins, department chair of biological sciences and professor of biology, said the event was for students to present their research work, along with those who have not done research to get involved.

“We wanted to highlight that research is important but also showcase those who have been involved in our division,” Prins said. “For students who haven’t done research yet, it was a good time to talk to faculty and students who have done research and give them an opportunity to engage with one another.”

At the end of the seminar,  breakout sessions occurred in which students presented their research to their peers and professors .

Brigitte Buchanan, sophomore chemistry major, said she enjoyed the event because she liked all the research being done during her first year of attending the seminar.

“I loved seeing what everyone is doing and it amazes me to see what students come up with,” Buchanan said. “You need to have imagination to come up with it so it is interesting to see how they come up with the questions and what questions they come up with.”

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