June 16, 2024

California Baptist University’s student body voted Kendall Morris, junior communication studies major, into office Feb. 10 as ASCBU executive president for the 2017-2018 school year.

Morris won with 65 percent of the votes after weeks of campaigning. He said he knew this position was not easily obtained and prepared for the trials.

This was not Morris’ first time involved in student government, as he participated in ASCBU his freshman year.

“I have talked with others about running for ASCBU president since my freshman year,” Morris said.

“When the time came to run for the position, I knew that it would be an amazing opportunity to continue my service to the university.”

To win the election, Morris said he focused on a healthy and successful campaign. He said he made a positive mindset his priority and avoided worrying about things out of his control.

“My hope throughout the election process was to have fun, meet new people and give the situation to God because he ultimately is in control,” Morris said. “Throughout the two-week campaign, I met many people and was able to sit down and have great conversations with others about what they see as a need for their college experience.”

As ASCBU executive president, Morris said he desires to represent the school in a worthy manner while meeting the concerns of the student body through utilizing the skills he has acquired.

“Overall, my hope for ASCBU is that we will fulfill the mission statement in which we will create a voice for all students and enrich their undergraduate experience,” Morris said. “One of the many things that I learned through the military is the power and importance of teamwork. If we want to make a positive impact, we must work collectively as a team to accomplish our tasks.”

Paige Vaughan, junior early childhood studies major, was voted ASCBU executive vice president and has known Morris for the past nine years. She said she has recognized his passion for serving others and believes they will make a good team.

“Since we have worked together before, we will be a strong team,” Vaughan said. “Kendall has a lot of great plans for the upcoming year and I plan on supporting him and helping in any way possible. I hope that we can create an amazing year for the students and serve them to the best of our ability.”

Vaughan recognizes the importance of time management so they can perform tasks with ease and work well as a team.

“It is essential we manage our time well,” Vaughan said. “I have learned through my time in ASCBU that time is key. It sometimes can take awhile to get the ball rolling and I hope that we can work hard to get as much done as planned.”

Throughout the campaign, Morris received support from his friends and family who encouraged the student body to do the same through participation in the upcoming school year.

“One of Kendall’s goals is to increase awareness of ASCBU’s mission,” Sands said. “He wants every voice to be heard, and for that to happen, the students have to use their voices.”

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