September 22, 2023

After initial break out of the emissions scandal in September 2015 and the vigorous legal proceedings that followed Volkswagen agreed to a settlement over controversy that includes reparations paid to customers who owned vehicles that were involved.

The company agreed to either buy back car models that were tampered with or pay a certain amount of money to those who still own those vehicles depending on the make and model.

Troy Hinrichs, professor of criminal justice at California Baptist Univeristy, said he is unsure if Volkswagen can repair its reputation.

“If the government made the settlement and allowed them to pay that, I’m assuming it will be at least legally enough,” Hinrichs said. “Whether it’s enough in terms of public relations and customer satisfaction will remain to be seen.”

Brandon Wharton, senior criminal justice major, said he felt- the problem should not affect customer outlook of the company.

“As long as they are fixing the situation and adding no costs to (customers), I don’t think anyone really loses,” Wharton said.

Time will tell if any long-term effects of the scandal and the settlement will impact public opinion on Volkswagen negatively.

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