February 21, 2024

About 3,000 cars filled the University Village shopping center in Riverside for the unofficial opening of Afters Ice Cream in January.

The popular ice cream shop, aimed toward youth, has a relatively simple menu at first glance. However, different flavors and the Milky Bun are what set this dessert stop apart. With a wide range of flavors, toppings and a brand geared toward college culture, Afters Ice Cream has become a lifestyle brand since its beginnings.

Afters offers 15 ice cream flavors available in a cup or Milky Bun. The doughnut-like ice cream sandwich with one topping is about $6. Ice cream cups vary in price by number of scoops and toppings, but generally, the ice cream ranges in price from $4 – $8.

Despite all of these flavors, Afters greatest claim to fame is its Milky Bun. Similar to how it sounds, the treat is a doughnut that pairs well with any of the handcrafted ice cream available. In addition, the treat comes with at least one topping that may include anything from Oreo crumbles to Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

Andy Nguyen, co-owner of Afters, said the shop is all about fun especially when it comes to treating its customers and employees.

“The youth culture in Riverside is what Afters is all about,” Nguyen said.

The simple, yet distinctive menu builds a brand that meets the needs of a diverse city such as Riverside. With four colleges and suburban neighborhoods full of children, Riverside is a prime location for a company such as Afters, which allows its customers to express themselves through their dessert choices.

In addition, Anna Lutschkin, senior Christian behavioral science major, said she is excited about the new shop because it brings something new to the table, and it is close enough to school.

“It is worth trying out,” Lutschkin said. “I like their unique flavors and doughnut sandwiches.”

The black and white color scheme and overall hipster vibe of the shop is matched by employees in stylish, dressed-down clothing. Popular music plays, and flavors such as Vietnamese Coffee and Cookie Monster are served to create an upbeat and lively atmosphere.

“It is quick, you can’t get it elsewhere, it has good vibes and you can take cute pictures on the Afters wall,” said Jamie Jillson, senior psychology major.

Afters already has several locations across Southern California from Pasadena to Costa Mesa.

The shop is located at 1125 University Ave. and is open from noon to midnight daily.

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