February 23, 2024

Throughout her five years of playing on California Baptist University’s women’s water polo team, Linda Medeiros, graduate student in sports medicine and goalie, has developed her craft in and out of the pool.

Jonathan Miller, head coach, said Medeiros provides a positive impact on the team throughout the season.

“Lina has really been one of the biggest leaders on our team for the last four years,” Miller said.

Medeiros said she may have never jumped into the pool or have gone this far in her career without an unexpected push.

“I joined last-minute at age 14 late in high school. I would get bored when school ended and all my friends joined water polo so I couldn’t hang out with them,” Medeiros said. “I joined so I could hang out with my friends after school.”

From the time she arrived at CBU as a freshman, Medeiros said she has experienced many changes and life lessons during her time on the team.

“Experience has taken me a long way. I’ve been on the women’s team for five years now and had to adjust to a new coach after losing the coach that initially recruited me.” Medeiros said. “Each season that went by shared different obstacles that I’ve had to overcome either in the pool or out of the pool.”

Annie Eubanks, junior accounting major and driver, said she has witnessed Medeiros grow into the best she can be since Eubanks started playing for CBU.

“She has always been a true asset to the team, but this year I have seen more confidence than ever. Lina is a problem-solver, quick learner, communicator and has pure leadership skills,” Eubanks said. “She does an excellent job succeeding in the pool, but she will succeed anywhere she goes.”

The team holds an overall record of 10-8 and will continue the season March 10-11 at the Lancer Invitational. The invite opens against University of Redlands at 12:30 p.m.

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