February 21, 2024

The nomination process for Faculty and Staff of the Year award closed March 3.

ASCBU vice president for communitcations, Paolo Bilbao, sent out an email to students to nominate three full-time staff members and three full-time faculty members of the year for this award.

The process owes its beginnings to the CBU Student Handbook in which the guidelines for the award and selection procedure are outlined.

In the previous year, Jeff Lewis, assistant professor of intercultural studies, and Jay Stovall, director of New Student Orientation programs, won Faculty and Staff of the Year. The 2017 winners have not been announced, but the students expressed their passion for their school’s instructors with who they nominated to win the award.

Shelby Moore, graduate assistant of ASCBU, said the award recognizes the hard work of the faculty or staff member who wins the award.

“ASCBU has made its own tradition of announcing the winners during chapel so all student leaders and the faculty and staff members will be presented in front of the students that selected them,” Moore said. “It’s a really cool way to be a voice for the students to the administration.”

Moore said they are proud to present the Faculty and Staff of the Year award as well as what it means to the school. It has often recognized how an award such as this brings each part of the CBU community together.

Jackson Burge, senior kinesiology major and executive vice president of ASCBU, said the entire award process is rewarding to CBU.

“It’s a really cool way to facilitate community between faculty, staff and students ,which is unique to CBU,” Burge said.

By allowing students to voice their opinions about the faculty and staff through the officials they have selected, CBU creates an atmosphere in which the voices of the students are recognized and the hard work put in by the faculty and staff is highlighted.

Burge said this recognition is important to highlight the extra effort and time CBU professors give to their classes and students.

“At not every university can you walk into an office and have a professor ask how your day is going and really care about your spiritual walk,” Burge said.

The final vote will take place alongside the ASCBU Senate elections from April 4–6 via email in which students will vote for the top 10 nominees for each award.

The winners of the Faculty and Staff of the Year award will be announced in April during Chapel.

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