February 21, 2024

Throughout February more than 100 technology companies banded together to speak out against President Donald J. Trump’s travel ban implemented through executive order.

The firms, which include Apple, Google and Facebook, have come together to use their legal prowess against the ban and argue it is unconstitutional as well as a detriment to business.

The technology industry uses a substantial amount of international talent so a ban such as this would pose a serious problem for many of these companies looking for workers.

Jacob Angel, freshman pre-nursing major, recognized how impressive it was for these companies to be standing against the president and his executive order.

“It’s a good idea given that I don’t agree with much of what Trump has done so far in his presidency,” Angel said. “I understand there has been problems with people in the past, but you just can’t exile them.”

Cesar Escobar, freshman criminal justice major, encouraged these companies in their fight against the ban.

“Just because someone is Muslim we cannot assume they will be terrorists,” Escobar said. “If that’s the case, then the same thing goes for whites, blacks, and Mexicans, too, because every (group) has bad people.”

The travel ban has been controversial since its signing Jan. 27. Travelers from seven predominantly Muslim countries were temporarily barred from entering the United States. Trump signed a revised version March 6 that, among several updates,  exempts Iraq.

Ellen Kaminski, visiting professor of accounting, explained why these technology companies needed to take a stand for immigrants.

“Things like immigration are hard to get opinions on, especially for immigrants because they have such a soft voice in their new country,” Kaminski said. “So, if they have somebody who is very outspoken like these powerful tech companies who can speak on their behalf, it sounds like it would work for them.”

Since the policy’s implementation, protests have erupted throughout the country. With the pressure from these technology companies continuing, it is likely the policy will experience further rollbacks on its regulations.

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