February 27, 2024

Everyone needs a little green in their life. Having live plants in a living space can really brighten up the room and potentially boost your mood and decrease stress levels. Plants may also help improve the air quality in the room.

Even though college students love the trendiness of succulents, keeping them alive can be difficult.

Being a college student can be a challenge in itself, so here are some tips to help alleviate the stress by giving some guidance on taking care of your succulents.

• Keep in brightly lit places for at least a few hours each day.

• Keep in well-drained soil. Water the soil when it is dry, roughly around once a week.

• The temperature should be kept about 75–90 degrees

• The pot needs to match the volume of the roots and it should have a drainage hole because the roots may rot if too much water is added.

• If you want to grow your own succulent, trimming off a piece of the plant, letting it dry in the sun and planting it in dirt and water will create a new plant.

If you have failed at taking care of your succulent or want to take care of one, the California Baptist University Art Club will continue selling individual, hand-potted succulents for $5 next semester to support the visual arts department.

The pots are painted by the visual arts and Art Club students.

With these tips, hopefully there is no more worrying about how to keep those succulents alive and more focus can go back to being a college student.

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