February 24, 2024

In today’s society, stores are predominantly stocked with female skincare products, and the percentage of men who pay attention to their skincare is low.

Willie Woo, junior marketing major, said he believes culture has a strong role to play in why men do not actively take care of their skin.

“It might be cultural,” Woo said. “Men aren’t seen as ‘pretty.’ Men aren’t seen to hold to a ‘pretty’ standard.”

The awareness of skin diseases prompts the modern male to take care of his skin.

Joshua Fregard, junior civil engineering major, said skincare is a priority for him when it is too sunny.

“When it comes to the sun, I make sure I don’t go out anywhere without sun tan lotion just because I have sensitive skin and it’s very frustrating getting sunburns,” Fregard said.

In a society where skincare is not synonymous with men, Oars + Alps, a men’s skincare company, wants to remove the stigma.

The primary objective of Oars + Alps is to provide men with the best possible skincare. The products range from solid face washes to natural deodorants. It was developed by two women, Mia Sainni and Laura Cox.

Social media’s growing influence helps project an image of what the modern man should do to appear attractive and could be a factor in helping men decide to take better care of their skin.

Anthony Cully, junior aviation flight major said he believes social media will be a catalyst for a spike in men’s skincare trends in the future.

“It (Thoughts on men’s skincare) could change depending on what the trends are,” Cully said. “If it starts picking up and people start seeing it on social media, more guys would
accept it.”

From a market perspective, men’s skincare is beginning to show its relevance and take up more market share. This means retailers in the nearer future will begin to give extra attention to men’s skincare. This could also mean the men’s grooming industry could see an increase in new retailers that enter the industry.

Woo said he sees a potential for growth in men’s skincare.

“There is a big opening for skincare to start going toward men because more men nowadays are worried about their skin, are worried about their appearance,” Woo said.

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