March 24, 2023

As of April 14, the Riverside Internship Connection website is available as an internet resource that offers a variety of internships for students.

The website is a free online portal where different organizations and companies post available job or internship opportunities for students. The website is connected to the Career Center website, which can be found under the Internship tab on InsideCBU.

The website specifically caters to college students in Riverside. Users are able to create a  personal profile on the site, where they can connect to positions relevant to their fields and experience level. The internships range in fields, pay and hours.

Ramzy Ali, junior liberal studies major, said while he would normally go directly to schools when looking for a job, he would use the website to look for internships.

“A website centralizing opportunities would be amazing,” Ali said. “It would save time and make various opportunities more apparent.”

Kayla Master, counselor at the career center, sent an email to explain how the site could help students in their careers.

Master said the website is perfect for “developing valuable skills and establishing connections all while serving in the development of our community.”

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