June 5, 2023

Duncan Perillat, senior business administration major, earned a PacWest Player of the Week honor for the second time this season after posting a personal best time of 8:25.23 seconds in the 3000-meter run at the Aztec Invitational hosted by California State University, San Diego.

Ben Gall, head coach, said Duncan’s work ethic played a key role in his influence toward the team this season.

“Duncan is a great person  who gets along with almost everyone,” Gall said. “He also works very hard and strives to be the best athlete he can.”

Perillat said he was brought to CBU by his teammate Berenice Cleyet-Merle, junior psychology major, when she told him she was filling out college applications in California.

“Coming to California to study and run for a college team was a dream,” Perillat said. “(Cleyet-Merle) gave me the information to contact Benjamin Gall and he offered me a scholarship.”

Gall also said Duncan progressed significantly as a runner this season.

“The biggest area Duncan has progressed in is competitions,” said Gall. “He has really struggled with competing to the best of his ability, but he has matured this year and it will show up in the second half of this season as he strives for some pretty ambitious goals.”

Perillat said he noticed two major differences in running styles from his native country of France to here in America.

“The first big difference in France is we do less mileage than here, however, we do more workouts with intensity,” Perillat said. “The second big difference is the level of competition in America. The level is probably better than in all Europe.”

Ashley Smith, freshman undeclared major, said Duncan is an overall tremendous athlete and will go places in his career.

“Duncan is a running machine and was blessed with a lot of talent,” Smith said. “If he continues running like he is, he can take it to the next level and make it a profession.”

Smith said Duncan’s personality on and off the track is amicable and encouraging.

“Being Duncan’s teammate is really fun,” Smith said. “He is a very supportive and encouraging guy and to be in his company is very enjoyable.”

After CBU, Perillat said he will continue  running for his own personal satisfaction and to feed his passion.

“I will continue running the  because I like it,” Perillat said. “I feel free when I run and I will just run for fun.”

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