May 27, 2024

This year, California Baptist University is offering a new finance degree in the Dr. Robert K. Jabs School of Business and a new Worship Arts and Ministry degree in The Collinsworth School of Music.

The new majors will not only help students acquire a more specialized degree within their field of study, but will also let students explore expanded job options for the future.

A new finance degree was announced July 13 through the School of Business. This program focuses on finances through a biblical perspective.

Dr. Adele Harrison, professor of finance, said, “We want our students to have a comprehensive Christian worldview that teaches them how to be good stewards so that they can help themselves, their families, churches and communities make good financial decisions.

“I’m excited for the prospects it gives students because there is so many different aspects to a finance career and it really opens the options for students who are either quantitatively minded or very relational, because there is such a broad breath of career options that are available for finance.”

One of  Harrison’s goals with the new finance degree is to be able to open up concentrations within the major.

With that goal in mind, students who are looking for finance-focused careers will be better equipped to find and keep a stable job within their field of study.

Harrison said that the new major is meant for students who plan to open up their own businesses or work within finace departments.

The other side of the new finance degree will offer new opportunities for students to become financial annalists or financial planners.

The Collinsworth School of Music now offers a new worship arts and ministry degree designed for worship leaders.

This degree was officially offered Aug. 9 to the students. This new major will offer students more new opportunities than other music degrees could have before by gearing music instruction more specifically toward the church.

“One of the most exciting dimensions of the worship arts and ministries degree is its focus on training students to be successful pastoral and professional leaders in the church,” said Dr. Joseph Bolin, dean of the School of Music.

Bolin’s more than 20 years of experience within the music ministry has given him insight into what a position as a worship leader actually requires. Bolin stated the new degree will help the young leaders learn how to become successful in the modern church.

These new majors give more specialized options to CBU’s students. This semester will be the first time these programs will be introduced into the list of majors from which to choose.

California Baptist University continues to expand and diversify with the growing number of students attending. As students enroll in the new majors, the business and music programs look forward to seeing how the schools grow.

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