February 21, 2024

Hidden Stash Candy is a  new candy shop in downtown Riverside with distinguishing features to impress and unite customers of all ages within the community.

The candy store recently opened its doors to customers in July and has already established itself as a staple destination for after-school snacks and weekend treats.

With its colorful decor and expansive variety of candy stretching throughout the store, Hidden Stash Candy can fill the candy void within all sugar lovers.

From gummy bears to chocolate to sour-sweets, the store is likely to have something sweet for everyone.

Guy Truitt, owner of Hidden Stash, started the store when he realized the serious lack of candy shops in Riverside. Because many candy stores are in malls and airports, force customers to maneuver crowded areas for a bite of candy, Truitt brainstormed an easily accessible candy store. Despite having some previous business experience in other fields, this was Truitt’s first experience opening a retail store.

“After researching around, I saw that Riverside didn’t really have a candy store. I was contemplating it and started to notice that the candy market was starting to be a good market to be in, and I liked it so I decided to pursue it,” Truitt said.

In the early stages of development, Hidden Stash Candy was a website selling bulk candy. Soon after the creation of the website, the first store was well on its way to opening day.

Truitt wanted to create a store that not only grew in its success but also a store that was rewarding to him as a business owner.

Truitt often works with soccer teams, Little League baseball teams and schools to offer new promotions and incentives while creating a family feel within the Riverside area.

“I wanted to give back a lot more with this business,” Truitt said. “It’s not about me. It’s about Riverside. It’s about helping and supporting and doing what we can for the community.”

Almost any day of the week, the newly opened store hangs flyers around the area with different promotions and deals. Truitt said he enjoys the Riverside area and he wants to do his part to see the community come together in a positive way, his part is providing the sweets.

Among many noteworthy features, Hidden Stash has an 18-foot gummy bear bar with employees working as gummy bear bartenders who are there to serve you treats. The bartenders can create packs of gummy bear medleys particular to each customer and his or her cravings.

“I wanted everything! They had everything you could want! A very good variety,” said Rynika Chambers, freshman early childhood studies major, “They actually had the most reasonably priced candy that I’ve ever seen.”

There is also the option to fill cups with candy from the large glass vases. Customers can build their own cups with whatever favorite candy they are craving.

The store was founded with a passion for the community and a lot of creativity. If that continues, it has plans to grow. Though the Riverside location just opened in July, the owners plan to expand over time to 10 Hidden Stash Candy stores.

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