July 24, 2024

Cheap date ideas that will not break the bank. 

Dating on a budget is not so much about wealth as it is about lowering expectations.

It is not uncommon for young singles to have an idea of a “dream date.” Even though these ideas are present, executing them is not always feasible, often for financial reasons.

It is important to keep in mind that dating is all about getting to know another person on a deeper level, rather than the superficial ideas in which we can get wrapped up.

While a fancy date can be nice, there are tricks to keeping your relationships fun, without completely obliterating your wallet.

“I don’t think a date has to be extravagant and costly,” said Jake Driscoll, freshman graphic design and digital media major. “It’s the person you spend time with that makes it a date at all.”

Making your partner a priority has a much larger impact than any restaurant or gift you could give.

For those on a tight budget, it is the little things that could make the difference.

“The best way to avoid spending too much money is to get creative,” said Lia Riccio, freshmen history major.

Getting active together–hiking, biking and exercising– can be an amazing way to bond, as well as push each other to do better. Helping someone else to achieve a personal goal is also a great way to connect with each other and keeping a relationship healthy, in addition to being physically active and fit.

Using Groupon to your advantage is another great way to save money while still engaging in activities in your city. Groupon often offers deals for couples’ activities as well as restaurants.

“One can find some exciting new date ideas constantly on that app,” said Joshua Gladney, senior exercise science major. “Downtown Riverside is a great place to start if one is seeking inexpensive dates.”

Volunteering together allows you to connect with one another. Getting involved in the community and investing in others can help you put more effort in each other and bring a new perspective to your relationship, all while improving the life of someone else. Places like animal shelters, food kitchens and retirement homes are great places to start getting involved.

“It all starts with a mutual understanding; having conversations about financial expectations and being sure that we are not placing any more pressure on one another than they are able to do,” said Erica Stevens, senior exercise science major.

Discussing money can be stressful, so it is important to remember why you and your partner came together in the first place. Spending time together over spending money is what a relationship is about.

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