June 19, 2024

During Summer 2017 teams of students traveled across the globe to share their faith through International Service Projects offered by the Office of Spiritual Life.

Mission trips provide opportunities for California Baptist University students to reach a deeper understanding being selfless and humble.

Ruthy Alraei, sophomore visual arts major, went to South Africa and said she was greatly impacted by the faith portrayed from everyone she encountered.

“While working with kids of all ages, I was able to connect with the people who lived in the villages on a deeply personal level,” Alraei said.

Through worship services, day camps and classroom training, the lives of those involved were changed. There can be difficulties between First and Third World countries like viewing God as loving when faced with a life of poverty.

“When hardships come our way, our driver reminded us of John 10:10 and how we should stay strong during hard circumstances and know that God is our strength,” Alraei said.

Students who pursue the call to serve globally often receive a deep-rooted change in perspective and an overwhelming realization of how precious God’s people are. Passionate students are the key to creating disciples and change in the world.

“God is a god for everyone, everywhere, at all times,” said Sarah Barton, sophomore early childhood studies major.

Barton was involved with a team that went to East Asia for three weeks and noted the hardship that can occur when a common language is not shared.

“When you’re somewhere and you cannot communicate with the people around you, it is vital to communicate through the creator,” Barton said. Prayer-walking became the source of understood communication, for both the locals and the students. This unconventional trip provided the students a chance to care for and pray over unreached people groups in China.

Sakeri Holter, sophomore political science major, had the opportunity to go to Southeast Asia. Their main job was to host clubs that taught English to college students. Relating to and teaching young people around the same age proved to be an eye-opener to their faith.

“We were able to learn about their culture and introduce Christ through our teaching. Because it’s a closed country, their beliefs are greatly persecuted and yet their faith is so strong,” Holter said.

Many students were impacted by the trips offered through the Office of Spiritual Life over the summer. ISP trips are offered every summer for students to attend and teach others about the Gospel.

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