December 3, 2023

The beginning of a school year comes with new experiences that allow students to grow academically and socially.

California Baptist University aids in this growth through extensive social activities and opportunities. Not only does CBU provide intramural sports, small groups and off-campus adventures, but CBU also offers students diverse clubs for every interest.

Featuring more than 50 clubs of all varieties, CBU will be holding a club fair Sept. 14 from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. in the Stamps Courtyard for students to tour the clubs and meet with participating members making this event a great way to get involved on campus early in the year and start building community with others.

Whether a person is interested in biology, art, engineering, philosophy, ministry, or anything in between, there is a club for everyone. Included in these clubs are the International Justice Mission, Pre-Vet Club, Real Estate Club, Science and Religion Club, Slam Poetry Club and many more.

To find the perfect fit, it is important to inquire what events the club has, as well as the purposes or goals of the club. “Freshmen and sophomores should get involved in a club where they can easily socialize and meet people,” said Andrew Brown, junior philosophy major and Philosophy Club president.

Clubs provide tight-knit communities for students, opportunities to serve on and off campus and encouragement.

Cure CBU, for example, is a club that hosts campus events such as Open Mic nights, game nights and prayer nights to provide a community on campus and help raise awareness and support for Cure International — an international nonprofit Christian organization of hospitals that works with children born with congenital diseases.

“I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many people that I would not have met otherwise who all have a heart for their community and serving,” said Madison Copeland, junior nursing major.

Clubs also provide an outlet for stress relief and creativity and allow students to try new things and find new passions.

“Don’t be afraid to try new things, and you may end up finding something you are really passionate about,” said Michaela VanSant, junior visual arts major and Art Club president.

Not only do clubs provide events on campus, but they also give students the opportunity to showcase their talents throughout the community.

“Art Club has given several opportunities to be a part of events happening on and off campus, and it has just been so cool to see how the students involved have been able to use their creativity in their community and how Art Club has been a place for them to express themselves creatively,” VanSant said.

Members encourage students to get involved even if they feel unskilled to join a specific club. All clubs are welcoming to students interested in joining their clubs.

“Cure CBU may seem like it is more directed toward those who are studying medical professions, but there is no need to have any knowledge of anything medical to be in the club. In fact, it is more helpful sometimes to have students from other majors and backgrounds to bring their knowledge to the table,” Copeland said.

Take the leap, get connected and join a club to begin the new school year. The first step to an unleashed passion can be as easy as attending the Club Fair Sept. 14.

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