February 21, 2024

Wallace Theater’s production of “Little Shop of Horrors” is an engaging tale of Seymour Krelborn and his exotic plant, Audrey II. Seymour cultivates this plant, named after his crush.

The plot revolves around Audrey’s attempt to bring customers to Mr. Mushnik’s failing flower shop.

What Mr. Mushnik fails to realize is the plant’s insatiable thirst for blood and flesh. Seymour is then faced with the task of finding food for his prized plant, eventually forcing him to make a decision between fame and fortune, and saving the human race.

California Baptist University’s adaptation of the classic film was witty and entertaining. Each character was brought to life.

The cast, particularly Julie Anne Oleson, junior theater major, who plays Audrey, gave strong vocal performances that gave the music emotion and liveliness. The cast worked with each other seamlessly, feeding off each other in the timing of their delivery.

One viewer, Gabrielle Green, CBU alumna, compared this production to the professional productions.

“It’s one of the best productions I’ve seen. They created something nice and cohesive. I really enjoyed it,” Green said.

Green said she felt the lighting and sound equaled that of a professional production.

“The lighting and sound especially added another dimension,” Green said.

Green also added that the set was unique in the way that it was designed and constructed.

“The set is great, too. They got everything from a warehouse, so they didn’t build anything new. They do really great work here at CBU,” Green said.

Lia Riccio, freshman history major, also said she thoroughly enjoyed watching this fall’s production.

“It was great. I enjoyed how funny it was,” Riccio said.

Riccio said she was not expecting to laugh as much as she did throughout the show; the humor is what made the show memorable.

Desmond Clark, musical director for the production and voice of Audrey ll, brought Audrey II to life with his smooth and soulful voice.

The production will continue from Oct. 19–21.

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