February 21, 2024

MTV has brought back one of its hit TV shows “Total Request Live,” or TRL, after nine years off the air. After being canceled in 2008, the show is making its return with a new cast and new content creators.

The original show consisted of exclusive content and live appearances from artists, as well as a weekly countdown of the most requested music videos by fans. It was also known for its games, stunts, and their host’s unconventional interview styles.

The new cast, or “TRL squad,” includes DC Young Fly, Erik Zachary, Amy Pham, Lawrence Jackson and Tamara Dhia, with content creators including Liza Koshy and The Dolan Twins.

The new edition will stay true to its original format, broadcast live from a new, 8,700 square-foot studio in the heart of Times Square.

While some of the original elements of the show remain, the fan-favorite weekly countdown of music videos will not.

“I used to watch this show growing up. My favorite part of the show was the music video countdowns,” said Lucas Mitose, sophomore healthcare administration major.

Newer fans said they are intrigued to see what the new edition will have to offer.

“I would definitely watch it. From an artist’s perspective, it’s cool to know what an artist is coming out with and their take on what’s happening, especially for our generation,” said Lexi Abbona, freshman undeclared major.

However, without the incentive of exclusive content from artists and up-to-the minute music news, many original fans said they are questioning the need for a reboot of the show.

“It’s a moot point now,” said Hannah Wilson, junior intercultural studies major. “If I wanted to watch a music video I would just go to Youtube.”

Changes in the show’s format provide an opportunity for guests and hosts to discuss political and social issues.

Brian Graden, MTV’s president of programming, said he believes that MTV has a duty to educate its viewers and stand behind the campaigns they believe in.

The MTV show airs weekdays at 3:30 p.m.

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