February 21, 2024

The Red Bull Music Academy is a global series of music workshops and festivals that gives a voice to those who are making a major impact on today’s music and others who perform it.

The Red Bull Music Academy site contains videos of lectures, DJ sets, live music from Red Bull Radio and information about events all over the world.

Each year, much like the Olympics, the main location of the music academy changes.

Last year, the events successfully centered around Montreal, Canada. For the first time, the Red Bull Music Academy 2017 will take place in Los Angeles Oct. 6-29.

Events will star musicians such as St. Vincent, Alice Bag, Edgar Wright and Ice-T, to name a few. Dates, times, locations, schedules and ticket prices are listed on the Red Bull Music Academy website.

Daniel Herrera, senior music composition major, said he was surprised to hear what is taking place in Los Angeles.

“It sounds like something that I would actually be interested in,” Herrera said.

Red Bull Radio will stream events live, free of charge, and will re-stream material between live sets. Fireside chats by pioneers of modern music are being streamed on Red Bull Radio. Musicians will discuss how they started in the industry, what they currently listen to and their thoughts on recent events concerning music.

Keira Burgeson, senior applied statistics major, said she understands the significance of bringing nations together through shared and streamed music events.

“Every culture has its own little thing that makes it unique. It will bring a lot of music together. Every style is really different and has its unique sound,” Burgeson said.

A major part of the event series is the live performances and talks. People come together for live events to form a bond that is impossible to have while listening to the radio alone.

Braden Sapp, junior music education major, said he is energized by live music performances.

“Just the atmosphere of concerts and live events is appealing. There’s something completely different in listening to the radio compared to being there live,” Sapp said. “You get to see the performer’s energy and all the energy from people all around you that are also there. It’s a community you can’t get from listening to the radio.”

Though the festival is coming to a close, the city of Los Angeles will continue to benefit from this eclectic music series, adding to the already diverse population having introduced new and exciting voices to the world stage.

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