February 21, 2024

Having a sibling on the same sports team in college can be similar to having a lifelong friend playing the same sport at the college-level.

That is the case for some students at California Baptist University who have siblings on the same athletic team.

One example of siblings on the same team are twin sisters on the women’s volleyball team, McKenna Witt, graduate kinesiology student and outside hitter, and Madison Witt, graduate communication studies student and opposite hitter.

Madison and McKenna Witt are attending CBU to continue their graduate studies after playing four seasons of beach volleyball at the University of Arizona in Tucson

Madison said the experience playing with her twin sister on the same team is memorable.

“It’s really fun playing with McKenna on the same team,” Madison Witt said. “We just have so much fun playing with each other, learning about each other and sharing fun experiences with each other.”

McKenna said she and her sister are not similar to other siblings in sports who compete and fight with each other often.

“We know a lot of other siblings that are butting heads with each other,” Amy McGraw said. “But we get along really well.”

Angela McGraw, senior communication studies major and base, and Amy McGraw, sophomore applied mathematics major and base, on the cheer team also play on the same sports team at CBU.

Amy McGraw said she and Angela McGraw have been on the same gymnastics team since Amy was two -years-old and Angela was four-years-old.

“I didn’t think either of us expected to do a college sport ever again, let alone be on the same team, so it’s really exciting,” said Amy McGraw.

Angela McGraw said she feels that having her sister on the same team gives her comfort knowing she has somebody familiar as a teammate.

“I feel like it’s really nice to be on the same team with Amy,” Angela McGraw said. “For the first two years, I felt like I was by myself. Having her on the same team is awesome. It’s comforting knowing that my sister’s on the same team as I am.”

Athletes who have siblings on the same team are able to experience a different side of being on a sports team. Whether it’s volleyball, cheer, or anything in-between, having a teammate that is not only a friend but a family member creates memories that will last a lifetime.

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