April 20, 2024

Comm Life explores new horizons for Intramurals. 

For many students at California Baptist University, playing intramural sports is a key aspect of the college experience.

Whether competing for a spot in the prestigious Fortuna Bowl during flag football season or maybe trying a new sport, such as ultimate frisbee at one of the many Rec-It Fridays, the Office of Community Life puts on, there is an intramural opportunity for everyone.

“It gives people a chance to enjoy sports, a chance to meet other people who like doing the same things they do,” said Tyler Cox, director of Recreation Programs at CBU. “It’s just a chance to build community through recreation.”

Currently, the flag football regular season is winding down and the intramural volleyball season is just getting started.

There will be plenty of new festivities during the school year.

A Fortuna Bowl post-game concert is on the drawing board and Cox said his department is exploring ideas for the Christmas Court Classic volleyball and dodgeball championships in December.

A few new sports will also burst onto the CBU intramural scene.

Cox said a street hockey tournament is scheduled for later this year and a developing sport called RampShot will make an appearance at the SpikeBall tournment Feb. 9

Additionally, Cox said the wiffle ball tournament April 16- 18 will be longer than last year’s two-day event.

Ryan Luby, freshman pre-nursing major, is playing football this year and said he has been impressed with Community Life and was surprised at how big intramurals is at CBU.

“I’ve made a lot of new friends,” Luby said. “Other people play high school football as well, so we have a common interest and we’re somewhat re-living that.”

Rachel Rivette, senior Christian behavioral science major, has participated in every recreation sport at CBU.

“I am entirely an extrovert, so sports has been an outlet for me to exercise, regenerate and do something I love,” Rivette said.

“I’d say that’s the biggest part,” Cox said. “Getting outside the classroom, getting some exercise, and having fun with friends or meeting new people and having fun.”

Cox also said every intramural sport, with the exception of flag football, offers both recreational and competitive opportunities.

To create a team or join an intramural sport as a free agent, a student can visit intramurals.calbaptist.edu.

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