February 21, 2024

The women’s volleyball team at California Baptist University holds an undefeated streak with an 18-0 overall record. Their record shows the teams’ hard work and training is paying off.

Branden Higa, head coach of women’s volleyball, said having an undefeated streak is an exciting thing to be a part of in women’s volleyball.

“As a coach, you spend a lot of time in the moment,” Higa said. “As a coach and as a team, we’re almost immediately focused on what’s happening next.”

Higa also said the goals for  set out for every season.

“The primary (goals) are always we want to win a conference championship, we want to go undefeated at home and win a national championship,” Higa said. “However we accomplish them, that’s great but there are many ways to accomplish them.”

Madison Witt, graduate student in communication studies and opposite hitter, said her team is having an exceptionally awesome season this year.

“We are able to grow from the wins and the set losses, so we’re looking forward to what the rest of the season has in store for us,” Witt said.

Witt said one of her personal goals for this season is to develop new skills.

“I am learning how to be a better teammate,” Witt said.

Sydney Kralj, senior marketing major and setter, said it feels amazing to have an undefeated streak.

“Something I have been looking forward to in my volleyball career was playing with a team who cares about each other and works hard no matter who our opponents are,” Kralj said.

Kralj also said the team develops their goals before the season starts.

“One goal was to remain undefeated in the preseason and that was accomplished because we were facing high-ranked teams,” Kralj said. “Another goal was to remain undefeated in the (San Francisco) Bay Area and we were able to accomplish that and now our goal is to remain undefeated in conference.”

Higa, Witt and Kralj said the best games of the season so far were from preseason.

“I can say a lot about the games we played at preseason because we were able to come out on top over ranked teams,” Witt said. “I would also say that we grew in our game against (California State University) Dominguez Hills because we dropped a set, but we learned about how we respond to adversity.”

Higa said, “Last year, we went to the NCAA tournament in Alaska and lost to Western Washington University. This year, we went to Alaska again and we beat them.”

Kralj added, “They kicked us out of the tournament last year. Facing them again, we had a lot of fire and we played really well.”

The Lancers will be in action Oct. 21 on the road when they go up against Fresno Pacific University.

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