October 3, 2023

BORNS released his second studio album “Blue Madonna” Jan. 12.

Garret Born is most recognizable for his hit single “Electric Love” from his first album released in 2015.

“Blue Madonna” musically shows growth and pushed more boundaries vocally compared to his first album “Dopamine.”

New track “God Save Our Young Blood” features Lana Del Rey and is currently BORNS’ second most popular song. Lana Del Rey’s haunting voice mixes well with the overall vibe of  “Blue Madonna.”

Other top songs on the album include “Sweet Dreams,” “I Don’t Want You Back,” “Blue Madonna” and “Second Night of Summer.”

In “Sweet Dreams,” BORNS uses bass and falsetto to keep the listener interested.

“I Don’t Want You Back” sounds like it came out of a 1980s film but BORNS adds his own style to keep it current.

“Second Night of Summer” sounds like falling in love during  the spring.

The entire album sounds like driving a convertible down the coast. There is a sense of haunting nostalgia in each track. His overall sound is a mix of Lana Del Rey and Broods.

Despite the enticing sound, BORNS seems to have lost lyrical power compared to his freshman album. Some of the songs from “Blue Madonna” sound a bit repetitive and lack overall depth.

What BORNS lacks in lyrics, he makes up for with falsetto vocals and space-age sound.

The Michigan native produced a listenable album stemming from psychedelic-pop, space-age influence different from his freshman album.

BORNS began his 2018 tour Jan. 17 in Portland.

Though the alternative singer will not be touring in Riverside, Borns will be performing at Weekend 1 and 2 of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, April 13—15 and April 20—22.

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