October 3, 2023

The California Baptist University Choir and Orchestra of the Shelby and Ferne Collinsworth School of Music is in the process of recording an original album through LifeWay publishing.

All monthly subscribed worship pastors will receive the album after completion through the red Lifeway box of music. This platform gives UCO a larger presence while promoting the choir, Lifeway and CBU.

Kelly Brown, support specialist of the School of Music, explained that the Lifeway Project is not just a recording session but a patnership between Lifeway administration and Dr. Joseph Bolin, dean of the School of Music.

“We have a new opportunity to be in partnership with a new writing project to make music that goes out to thousands of music ministers across the country, and we will be in the next three boxes that go out to those ministers,” Brown said.

This recording process is different from previous UCO recordings. Students involved in the choir were given their music before Christmas break, whereas typical recordings are of music that has been performed previously throughout the semester.

Even though the process began over break, UCO came together to work during a short retreat Jan. 19—20 and the recording will take place Jan. 23—27.

Alex Stanford, junior music composition major and vocalist in UCO, said he is confident about the new process and believes that it will be successful.

“The purpose of this album is to use the unique aspect of the choir, orchestra and CBU to inspire worship pastors across the country,” Stanford said.

Braden Sapp, junior music education major and percussionist for UCO, said he is excited about this opportunity and is willing to persevere through any difficulties owed to schedule restrictions.

While there are challenges to being a part of this recording process, students said they are delighted to do the work.

“This recording is different from past recordings in that all songs we are singing are brand new not only to the choir, but also to the rest of the world. They are never-before-seen songs written just for us to record and send out to worship pastors across the country,” Sapp said.

Stanford said, “this means that the students in the choir will need to work especially hard on learning their parts in and out of rehearsal.”

There isn’t an exact release date available yet, but the producers are looking to send out the next three boxes in  May 2018.

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