May 27, 2023

Annual award show sheds light on new movement.

The 75th annual Golden Globe Awards took place Jan. 7 and stood apart from previous years as the show acted as a platform for the new “Time’s Up” movement.

“Time’s Up” began in response to Harvey Weinstein being accused of sexual assault last October and #MeToo trending on Twitter, in which people shared their own stories involving sexual harassment or assault.

Actors and actresses directed the red-carpet conversation to issues the “Time’s Up” movement addresses. This show also stood out because it was a “blackout” where attendees wore black attire to bring awareness to “Time’s Up.”

Rebekah Leininger, senior visual arts major, said the blackout was successful in the sense that celebrities used their platform to bring awareness to the topic of sexual assault and harassment.

“It’s not enough to just wear the color or the pin — you have to exhibit the values of the movement in your lifestyle and career, too,” Leininger said. “Those who claim to support the movement should continue to raise awareness and funds for the ‘Time’s Up’ legal defense fund, which is at the core of the movement.”

Oprah Winfrey’s acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille award was centered around the movement as well and stirred many conversations.

“She spoke to any person who has ever felt that they are starting off life a step behind everyone else. Whether that’s based on gender, race, class, sexual orientation, religion or a myriad of other things,” Leininger said. “She applauded the press for their pursuit of truth, especially in this time where women are courageously coming forward about sexual assault and harassment.”

Kevin Vas, senior business administration major, said Oprah was the best public figure to address a delicate issue.

“She touched on women’s rights and equality and discrimination toward the black community. I like to believe that women’s equality was the main point she was trying to raise awareness of,” Vas said.

Landon Garrelts, sophomore film studies major, said Winfrey’s speech made a huge impact on many people.

“I respect Oprah more than others just because she’s been such a big influence for so long, and not just through film,” Garrelts said.

Hollywood utilized the 75th Golden Globe Awards to talk about issues that affect people of all genders and races around the world.

“Women across all industries have been experiencing sexual harassment and gender inequality for too long. The #MeToo movement marked the beginning of a change in the world,” Leininger said.

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