June 10, 2023

When video games were released in the ‘80s, the public went into a game frenzy. Now, since a number of classic games were released online for free download at the end of 2017, the frenzy has returned.

Classic games, such as “Super Mario Bros.,” “The Legend of Zelda,” “Donkey Kong Cross Country” and more, have played a crucial role in the lives of ‘90s kids. Many gamers today say those games cannot be topped because they hold a special place in their hearts.

These games run through a system called an emulator, which allows the gamer to play on his or her phones and PCs.

“Super Mario Bros.,” “Donkey Kong” and more can be found on websites such as RomMania. 

This website allows the user to download the game’s ROM,  the software of a game that is usually programmed into the cartridge for a game. ROM is then translated into the emulator to allow the game to load up and be played.

Many California Baptist students have already started playing these classic games again.

“The nostalgia of these games is my favorite thing about it,” said Jacob Adler, sophomore applied theology major. “The fact that I played these games when I was 5, and going back now I can remember the times I had when I was younger brings back a lot of joy and memories.”

Emulators have been out for many years now but the only games that were open for download were less popular games such as “Sunset Riders” and “Super Metroid.” However, with popular games now being released, it has opened a new connection to the past.

These popular games have not only connected past players to their childhoods, but has given the current generation a chance to enjoy new memories as well.

“It’s super cool when (classic games) are remade so they can be downloaded and played on platforms such as phones and computers,” said Ryan Smith, freshman mechanical engineering major. “It’s cool because a lot of the time people are not familiar with the older games and they end up hearing about it on their computer and phone. When they get it, that shows people how games have evolved, but at the same time how they are still so similar.”

For many people, the retro– video games cannot be beaten by modern games.

“Classical games were a part of my childhood. I can’t wait to play them again,” said Ryan Porter, freshman mechanical engineering major. “All these new video games and video systems are cool but those games made us who we are and they will never get old.”

Now free online, classic games are expected to reach top charts within the gaming world.

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