June 16, 2024
Life at California Baptist University is a lot of things — invigorating, hectic, thrilling — and there is so much to learn during your time at CBU that has nothing to do with a degree. A cheat sheet for all things CBU culture would be nice, wouldn’t it? Well, you’re in luck. Listed below are eight pieces of advice to get you started. COFFEE — Trust me, I know. Coffee is typically a staple in any college student’s arsenal of must-haves. However, at CBU students take this very seriously. Whether it is from Arcade Coffee Roasters on Wake Up Wednesdays, Augie’s downtown or simply your own kitchen, coffee is a necessity. Regardless if you are taking a test, writing a paper, studying for a final or just waking up to attend class, coffee will always be there for you. HYDRO FLASKS — Any CBU student will tell you how amazing Hydro Flasks are. They keep cold drinks cold, hot drinks hot and can be customized with all kinds of stickers. However, beware of the loud clang it makes if it manages to slip out of your hand walking to class, as well as the dents that will accompany it.
A PHOTO ON PALM DRIVE — At one point or an- other in every Lancer’s life he or she will find time on Palm Drive with a camera (or phone) in hand and a friend in tow. Photos on Palm Drive are iconic, aesthetically pleasing, and will certainly spice up your Instagram feed. Grab your roommate and strike a pose. HAMMOCK — One of a CBU student’s greatest joys is setting up a hammock on Palm Drive and lounging in the sun. Find any two trees or poles on cam- pus and set up camp. Rocking back and forth in the Riverside breeze is one of the most relaxing ways to spend free time between classes. LONGBOARD — Want to look good going to class and actually get there on time? A longboard is the answer to both of these desires. Roll through campus on a colorful longboard and you will be amazed at how quickly everyone will move out of your way for fear of being run over.
TAPINGO — One of the newer (and greatest) features CBU Dining has to o er: Tapingo. Want to avoid the wait in the lunch rush at Chick-fil-A? Tapingo. Late for class but want to grab breakfast on the way? Tapingo. Order on the app and grab it fast. INTRAMURAL — Want to play a sport for no other satisfaction other than run- ning around and getting out of breath with your friends? Then intramural sports are for you. This fall, CBU is o ering men’s and women’s flag football, coed volleyball and coed dodge- ball. Any student will have the option to join in competitive intramurals and face o against other Lancers. Make a team and get out there, Champ. CBU LANYARD — If you don’t have a CBU-branded lan- yard, how on earth do you ever know where your keys are? If you do not still have one from freshman orientation, grab it from the Campus Store on the way to Chapel.

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