April 20, 2024
Locals are excited about the newest addition to the downtown area with the grand opening of the Riverside Food Lab, Sept. 1. So far, the food hall has 10 of its 14 tenants open for business. This is the first food hall in the Inland Empire and offers a variety of cuisine and eateries. From plant-based burger joints to juice bars, there is something for everyone at the Riverside Food Lab.
Tess Schoonhoven | CBU Banner Residents of Riverside County and California Baptist University students head down to the opening of the new “Food Lab” which is Inland Empire’s first food hall.
Alex Herrera, crew member at Bolcupop, speaks highly of the new venue. “I really enjoy working at the food lab. I found out about it through Twitter and I feel like it’s going to do really well because there’s not a lot of food variety in Downtown Riverside,” Herrera said. “It’s also a great place to get vegan-based food because you can go to Monty’s or Bolcupop. It’s a great environment with great people and food.”
Tess Schoonhoven | CBU Banner Sallimar Lorenzana, 29 years old is the owner of “Bolcupop!” Sallimar prepares a colorful and delicious acai bowl for a customer with her own original twist.
Jamie Welter, California Baptist University alumnus visited downtown Riverside and decided to check out the establishment and was pleased with the results. “The food here is delicious and I really love the atmosphere. It was open and spacious with a lot of young people,” Welter said. “Riverside needs more variety of where people can hang out and chill so this is really nice because you don’t have to drive far away to get that LA feel and you can just come downtown.” Riverside Food Lab is a place for locals of all ages to come and enjoy. Other than pop-up coffee shops all over town, there are not many places for students to spend time with each other. This new addition to the city has already been getting customers in and lining up to try any of the various new restaurants at the food hall. The grand opening of the hall started off with people in lines that wrapped around the restaurants and despite the completion of the opening event, the lines continue.
Tess Schoonhoven | CBU Banner Jazz Rubalcava, 27 years old works at “Augie’s Coffee” as a barista, one of new openings in the Food Lab. Jazz states, “Good coffee isn’t just good coffee, it’s truly a rich cup of experience.”
Shawn Vandenberg, senior business administration major, also checked out Riverside’s newest hotspot. Vandenberg commented on how the food lab is something new and different to Riverside. “It’s a cool place to go for a variety of great food. The selection is diverse and something you don’t normally see,” Vandenberg said. Riverside Food Lab started off successful with lines of customers. As long as the venue continues to wow locals and tourists a like, the food hall will most likely leave a good impression on the town. The food hall is located in the Fox Performing Arts Center complex at 3605 Market St.

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