May 25, 2024

“Why would she wear that,” I overheard one women say to her friend about another girl, in line at Chick-fil-A.

I open up Twitter. The first tweet I see reads: “Who is hotter? Retweet for Cassie like for Draya Michele.” In the comments, there is a debate thread, as if either woman is not a human with feelings and there is no possible way she could see or hear about this.

Females are constantly put down. Whether it is in real life or online, this happens every day in multiple scenarios.

The worst part is women are often the ones partaking in the bashing and criticism, which is alarming because we face similar adversities and should be sticking together.

There are many instances where men already tell women they are too tall or too short, or too loud or too quiet. With all the backlash we receive, why go against each other too?

The University of Arizona conducted a study led by management professor Allison Gabriel, who found women are more rude to other women than men are to women.

Gabriel conducted three surveys consisting of hundreds of participants and found that females who are perceived as powerful, confident or empowered are more likely to be put down by other women because society has taught them these are not typical traits a woman has.

Another issue that adds fuel to the fire is many women have not yet realized another woman’s beauty does not take away from their own beauty.

Some females talk so poorly about other females, it makes me wonder if they realize bashing someone else is not going to fool anyone into thinking they are attractive.

If you are a female reading this and feel like you are being called out, fear not because the first step to changing a negative attitude towards other women is recognizing it.

The next step is to take action to be more supportive. Complimenting another woman on something you would typically feel insecure or jealous about is a great place to start. Consciously making an effort to not judge others for what they chose to wear, dress or do with their lives is also beneficial.

When in doubt, you can always remember this: Unless a woman is harming herself or others with her actions and you are genuinely concerned, why do you feel it is any of your business or your place to comment on in it the first place?

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