April 20, 2024

Attendees walk down the tunnel of the Fairplex, welcomed by the smell of crazy food combinations and the sound of children laughing with delight. Summer is ending but the Los Angeles County Fair is just beginning.

The LA County Fair finally opened its gates Aug. 31 at the Pomona Fairplex and will run until Sept. 23.

The fair is one of the many attractions held in Southern California. It attracts multiple people with a new theme each year, with this year’s theme,“Get Your Kicks,” highlighting the history of Route 66.

The fair brings in millions of people every year who are eager to try the new food and ride the iconic Ferris Wheel. Although the experience can grow costly, the fair now offers many deals and discounts during the week that are beneficial for college students.

Renee Hernandez, associate director of communications at the Fairplex, said the fair has many attractions in which young adults can participate.

“This year we have an eSports Gaming World and Haunted 66, a Halloween exhibit,” Hernandez said. “There are lots for young adults to do, from concerts to attractions to the carnival.”

Estela Ibarra, senior sociology major, said she looks forward to going to the fair with her family every year.

“When you go to the fair, it’s relaxing and carefree,” Ibarra said. “From the deep-fried Oreos to roller coasters, it’s an overall fun experience that can easily be turned into a family or friend tradition to attend.”

For students who want to venture out of Riverside or are new to the area, the fair offers a great event.

Brittaney Perkins, senior nursing major, said she went last year for the first time and enjoyed her visit.

“I had never been before so it was my first time going and there are a lot of fun activities,” Perkins said. “You get to see a lot of farm animals, get to eat a lot of country food, and you get to go shopping at a bunch of fun stores.”

When people leave the fair, they remember the fun, the bright colorful lights and the great memories they made. Grab friends, new or old, and travel down to Pomona to have an exciting time eating fried foods and screaming on exhilarating rides.

The LA County Fair is open Wednesday through Sunday and hours of operations differ from day-to-day .

During the week admission is $14 for adults. Saturday and Sunday adult tickets are $20. Parking is at Gates 9 and 17 for $15 everyday.     

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