February 21, 2024

A chorus of cheers and a buzz of excitement was heard as Lancer women filed into the Recreation Center for Ladies’ Night.

The event, put on by the California Baptist University Rec Center, featured booths and tables from o ces all around campus including the Wellness Center, the Counseling Center, Community Life and the College of Nursing. All focused on one thing: empowering CBU women and educating them on their health.

“We really wanted to give CBU students a place where they can come and have resources, encouragement, support and fitness,” said Stefani Plummer, director of the Rec Center. “Our main goal is to meet ladies where they are.”

Plummer said they are now expanding the annual event so they can host one twice a semester.

“We’ll be having another one on Nov. 8, and are hoping to add some kind of competitive element to it like a relay,” Plummer said. “Every Ladies’ Night looks a little different.”

The Wellness Center featured an interesting booth where women were encouraged to recall the best compliment they were ever given and write it down to remind them of those truths.

There were also weight-lifting classes specifically designed for women.

“This event was a really good opportunity for women who aren’t super-familiar with ‘gym culture’ and how to lift weights to just try it out,” Jacclyn Greene, freshman public health major, said of that event. “It makes it a lot less intimidating to ask questions and try something new when you’re with other women.”

The evening also had several fun events and booths such as a Zumba class put on by the cheer squad.

“My favorite part was definitely Zumba,” Greene said. “It was fun to work out with other women instead of just doing my own thing.”

There were also many opportunities for women to get acquainted with other women.

Taylynn Lloyd, junior nursing major, said she appreciated the community the event o ered her.

“Ladies’ Night is a time for women to all come together and empower and find strength in each other,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd said she was excited to walk through the booths because they celebrated female empowerment and encouraged good overall health.

“We’re at a time where women need to be empowered and involved socially, economically and even business-wise,” Lloyd said. “Women need to get out there and events like these are great to encourage them to do that.”

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