June 25, 2024

Shattered glass, remnants of vases and a release of anger fill the air as customers walk through the construction-like site that makes up Rage Ground, where people who visit can break everything in sight.

Opened in July 2017, Rage Ground’s purpose is to help people take their anger out in a destructive yet fun way.

Customers select a package that determines how long the session will last and what they will be destroying, such as ornaments, CD players or even personal items. Then they get suited up in protective gear and start smashing.

Edwin Toribio, co-owner of Rage Ground, explained the history of the company.

“It was my business partner’s idea because he had anger problems but didn’t have an outlet for them,” Toribio said. “He brought the idea to me and we got started from there.”

Because of the potential hazards the business presents, the process of getting a site approved was a long one.

Toribio said they set up numerous precautions to combat all the liabilities that come with a business centered around destruction. Specialized insurance came with the building and there are full body protective suits provided that include coveralls, welding gloves, masks and helmets.

Not only is Rage Ground completely safe, Toribio said, but it has helped people relieve their stress.

Jacob Gomez, sophomore health science major, said he was glad he went in.

“I was super anxious coming into it. I had been stuck in traffic. I was having a really hard day,” Gomez said. “I was shocked at how much it lifted my mood and gave me extra energy.”

Gomez is not the only one who appreciated what Rage Ground has to offer. Hannah Wolfe, CBU alumna, recently visited Rage Ground for the first time.

“This company gives you an environment to feel safe,” Wolfe said. “They make you realize it’s normal to have anger, considering we are all human. They also make you see it’s common to have these built up emotions by creating a way for you to release them and they allow you to do it in a way that is healthy.”

Whether it is grades, relationship problems or just a yearning to break things, Rage Ground offers visitors an outlet to blow off some steam.

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