July 25, 2024

The season of fear is here and theme parks across Southern California are luring college students through their gates by hosting an evening of thrills and chills.

During the Halloween season, amusement parks take the opportunity to increase ticket sales among young adults who find thrills in being scared by hosting various “Horror Night” events.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios Hollywood all take part in the festivities.

Those who dare to enter the park during the Halloween season await the fog, creepy sounds, spine-chilling mazes and bloodcurdling rides.

Amid the darkness and ominous lighting, actors dressed as monsters and ghouls lurk in the corners, creating an eerie, yet irresistible ambiance.

Rodney Chew, junior public health major, said he and several of his friends attend Fright Fest at Six Flags Magic Mountain every year, expecting the night to bring more fear than they can imagine. “It’s a great place to be scared. Being scared takes your mind o of things and brings fun into your stressful college life,” Chew said.

This frightening experience offers the adventure students may desperately seek.

Dr. Charles Lee-Johnson, assistant professor and interim social work program director, said social development at a young age plays a major role in fear and excitement. He said young adults face daily struggles and it is easier to search for a calculated risk alongside a group of friends rather than handling it alone.

“Young adults are in a stage of their life where things are scary,” Lee-Johnson said. “Horror Nights are a scariness that can be managed. You can laugh at it and you can do it with a group of people.”

This time of year, Horror Nights allow students to unwind and live life on the edge.

“College students are thrill-seekers. This is the age our brain finds pleasure in fear and I would rather be scared by something fake than the reality of doing homework,” said Alyssa Torres, junior accounting major.

With midterms around the corner, students are feeling the pressure. Grab a group of friends and experience the terror at Horror Nights before the end of October.

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