July 25, 2024

Although the new iPhones XS and XS Max may not be a huge technological jump forward compared to the iPhone X, they feature the best screen of any smart- phone on the market and o er a notably better camera than the previous iPhone.

The new camera has two lenses, like the iPhone X, but incorporates smart high-dynamic range imaging (HDR) in its function. This o ers significantly better picture enhancement compared to the older models of the iPhone.

The new iPhones will be able to take better pictures in settings with lower light because of a higher mega- pixel capability.

Despite claims made by Apple touting a new and improved battery life, a test from Internet tech reviewer Tom’s Guide indicates the iPhone X had a better battery life than both of the new models.

An advanced A12 Bionic processor is expected to increase performance speed by 15 percent. This will also be the first 7-nanometer chip to hit the market in a smartphone which is one of the main reasons the phone is faster.

The display screens on both the iPhone Max and standard XS model will be equally powerful and are the best of any smartphone on the market.

Dr. Michael Kolta, assistant professor of computing, software and data sciences, said compared to the iPhone X, the changes in the new phone’s processors and displays are not groundbreaking and not that noticeable compared to an iPhone X.

“(The changes are) only slight. It’s probably not noticeable for most use cases . . . just an incremental improvement,” Kolta said.

Taylor Finn, junior public relations major, said she recently bought a new iPhone XS Max to replace her iPhone 7 Plus and the new lease was only slightly more expensive than one for an older model.

“I didn’t want to put money into something that was old or outdated. There was probably around $10 di erence in the lease for the older models; I found value in the most recent thing.”

The iPhone XS and XS Max are impressive phones with new features, however, compared to the iPhone X, they are only a minor improvement.

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