June 10, 2023

Scrunchies, mom–jeans and grunge are not the only things from the 1990s that are regaining their relevance. This surge of nostalgia is rapidly spreading to the entertainment industry.

Although the ‘90s’ era is seeing a major increase in popularity, Jonah Hill did not want this to be the main focus of his directorial debut “Mid90s” (2018).

“When movies are about certain time periods, they usually are too overt in their expression of the nostalgia,” Hill said in an interview at the Toronto International Film Festival.

“To me, they had to be really respectful if they were there, they were textural, and they were done with the character and story first,” Hill said.

Michael Eaton, professor of film studies and film production, said the revival of past decades, such as the ‘90s’ in film, could be attributed to who is at the top of the entertainment industry.

“The people who green-light (the films) grew up watching those movies,” Eaton said. “People with the power to green-light movies are a small number but they grew up in that era.”

Hill making a film as emotionally oriented as the mid-90s may seem like a difficult adjustment, but he noted in an interview with IMDb how the films that made the greatest impact on him were ones made from the heart.

Evan Tinker, film production and business management double major, said he is interested in the film because of its exploration of the skating community.

“I’m excited to see how they portray the community of skaters,” Tinker said. “Normally they get a ‘bad rap’ but I’ve heard that it shows the friendship and community that is sparked from the skating scene.”

While it may not have been intended for the nostalgia of the era to be the main subject, there is no denying it. From the trailer alone, the style of the cinematography mimics that of a home-video from the ‘90s’.

Gabrielle Flores, film pro- duction major, said the film has a distinct production style.

“Having it stylized to a cer- tain era will bring people back,” Flores said. “I love movies that do that and make it feel like you’re there (in the film).”

“Mid90s” has received a 79 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes but some reviews are still pending. One thing is for certain; it is a fresh approach to a well-known genre and a new perspective on an old era.

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