April 13, 2024

Becoming an All-American in any sport takes diligence, consistency and experience. Earning that honor four years in a row is rare and exemplifies those qualities even more.

Alexis Humphery, senior criminal justice major, and Taylor Contratto, senior kinesiology major, have both been All-American selections every year since they have joined California Baptist University’s cheer squad.

Contratto detailed what she believes is the key to her success.

“The coaches really help us to keep our skills up and push us to be better,” Contratto said.

Both women praised their teammates and attributed much of their success to those team members. Humphery said her teammates have helped her along her journey.

“The people around me (motivate me), and if they weren’t so excited and passionate then I wouldn’t be either,” Humphery said.

Their teammates praised them both for being exceptional athletes and more importantly for being terrific teammates. Antonia Carlton, senior psychology major, highlighted Humphery and Contratto for their character.

“They are both very welcoming and friendly,” Carlton said. “Their personalities are contagious and when they are having a wonderful time everyone else around them will, too.”

Head coach Tami Fleming said she is proud of the women and that it has been humbling to be a part of their careers at CBU.

“They’re both great (people). We have been very fortunate that they have been hard-working and loyal to the program in their time here,” Fleming said.

Looking back on their careers at CBU, both Humphery and Contratto pointed to morale-boosting events as standout memories.

“Midnight Madness (was my favorite moment) — the atmosphere and the lights are incredible,” Humphery said. “It is just different and it gets everyone hyped up for basketball season.”

Humphery and Contratto’s consistency, paired with their work ethic, has led them to become two of CBU’s most successful cheerleaders, and they have earned their All-America status every season.

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