February 21, 2024

With the start of the new semester comes new opportunities for the student leadership program. Student leadership allows students at California Baptist University to get involved on campus in a variety of ways through events and training, as well as the chance to serve alongside CBU interns and faculty in several different areas.

Student leadership roles come with many responsibilities and time commitments, but can also be extremely rewarding to those involved.

Molly Enns, sophomore business administration major and Spiritual Life compassion intern, noted how a role in student leadership has personally impacted her.

“I love my sta and my boss; I always learn so much when we interact. I also love serving other students,” Enns said. “It’s really cool when we do Operation Christmas Child or Campus Nite — to do the prep and then see the outcome and how students get to enjoy it.”

A leadership role at CBU not only gives students the opportunity to serve fellow students, but also to form friendships and build community.

Rachel Toenjes, sophomore liberal studies major and Freshman Orientation and Christian University Success (FOCUS) group leader, said she appreciates the ability to form meaningful connections with other students at CBU, which her job in leadership has provided.

“I love how it allowed me to meet freshmen students and help them transition while building relationships with them,” Toenjes said. “I loved my freshman class and I also loved the community of other FOCUS leaders.”

The benefits of a role in student leadership expand beyond social opportunities.

While a job in leadership may take a certain level of time commitment, it is not without its rewards.

Taylor Rilling, program coordinator of CBU Student Leadership, highlighted the positive impact a student leadership job can have, especially in future careers.

“It gives (students) experience that many employers look for — leadership abilities and administrative skills — not just a class on these things,” Rilling said. “Student leadership is an awesome combination of this and getting to relate to people and connect with them.”

The time commitment that comes with a job in student leadership is also designed specifically to be compatible with college students’ often busy schedules.

Rilling noted that the program is called “student leadership” for a reason, emphasizing that the role of a student should take priority.

“All the positions go really well with being a student. More time-management skills are built. The time commitment is typically working anywhere from 1-10 hours a week. It also depends on the season and department,” Rilling said.

While the application process varies for each area of leadership, applications were due and submitted earlier in January. For those who applied, interviews begin Jan. 28 and will run until Feb. 15.

By March 1, all students who applied will receive the results of their applications through an email via LancerMail.

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