July 25, 2024

Creating a Pinterest account could result in many things: a freshly do-it-yourself (DIY) craft, a new recipe to try, a different fitness routine, or perhaps even some budgeting tips to help manage monthly expenses.

Pinterest was introduced in 2010 as an application where people could share their ideas and discover inspiration for new interests.

Designed as a visual search engine, Pinterest allows its users to search thousands of posts, pin ones of inter- est and create boards devoted to a specific topic for easy navigation.

DIY posts encourage users to inexpensively create things that would regularly cost more to buy ready-made.

Food, style, beauty, travel and DIY project inspirations are just a few topics with content available for users to browse.

Among other things, Pinterest o ers monthly bud- geting strategies to help users stay organized.

To help save money, users can utilize Pinterest boards to pin posts that give information on how to spend less when it comes to food, clothing, traveling and more.

Dr. Adele Harrison, professor of finance, said a good budget plan consists of three basic steps: giving, saving and spending — in that order.

“Setting up a budget, or plan, helps you keep your money going where you want it to go rather than it just slipping away each month,” Harrison said.

Harrison said being successful with money requires contentment and self-discipline, which does not come easy for some.

Allysandra Currie, sophomore engineering major, said she enjoys using Pinterest to find inspiration on di erent things from fashion and fitness to cooking and DIYs.

“I find it useful, especially when it comes to saving money,” Currie said. “There are posts for everything and it is a good outlet for finding information on how to do things yourself rather than buying it.”

Through the use of Pinterest boards, users are able to simply find and pin posts that interest them for refer- ence later for help or inspiration.

Pinterest can allow users to easily access tips and tricks to help people learn how to better facilitate a bud- get that works for their individual needs.

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