April 14, 2024

After completing at least seven semesters of classes and extracurricular activities, seniors approaching gradua- tion in the spring are pushing through their last semester.

This can be extremely difficult for some as courses, heavy workloads and balancing responsibilities can cause wear on students throughout the years.

Senior students often look toward graduation with excitement, but many also see the final weeks of their college careers as further opportunity to “Live Their Purpose.”

Savannah Flom, senior sociology major, said she is using her last semester as an opportunity to serve others and make the most of her time left in school by implementing a theme of grace for herself and others this semester.

“Fighting senioritis and staying motivated has been hard, but I’m trying to take advantage of the time I have left as an undergrad by seeing the classes and other things I have to do as opportunities, but also giving myself grace. We all need it,” Flom said.

Flom said above all the confusion or hard times, she has learned that trusting in God is the most important thing throughout her life.

“I would advise everyone to trust in Christ’s plans and promises. I was terrified not that long ago about making decisions about my future, but I was reminded that God is going to close any doors he doesn’t want me to go through, and he has promised to be with me always. Every second. Every decision. And forever. It’s been challenging and scary, but I’m never alone,” Flom said.

Viewing senior year as an opportunity to reach out to un- derclassmen, being an exam- ple to others and working hard throughout the last year could make the waiting period until graduation easier for some.

Many seniors have also chosen to use this limited time before graduation to plan for their future careers.

Jonathan Pate, senior music education major, said this final year has been a great opportunity to evaluate the potential possibilities for his future plans after college.

“As I get ready to graduate, I have been preparing a list of all possible options for what next year might look like for me. Ultimately, my goal is to trust God and work as hard as I can , and this has ben my goal throughout college. It won’t be perfect, but I trust that god will make up the difference. I plan to go wherever God leads,” Pate said.

Pate said despite the exhaustion senior year can bring, working hard to thrive this year is most important.

“This year, senioritis has been very hard to overcome. Although it is expected, it honestly is just challenging integrity. Senioritis, in reality, means not caring. I paid so much for school; I can’t afford to not care. I would advise others to lean on Jesus, enjoy the present and don’t stop pushing with this integrity,” Pate said.

Mike Bishop, senior director of the Career Center, encourages students to power through this last semester and said seniors should maintain a goal-orientated outlook.

“Make sure you have people around you to keep you focused on the goals you established for your career,” Bishop said.

“Celebrate the wins and don’t take the setbacks person- ally, but take them as learning experiences and keep moving forward. The next thing is an- other step in your life, so get excited. Moving on is an excit- ing time, but planning during this time so you don’t feel overwhelmed or behind is also greatly important.”

With commencement only weeks away, seniors are en- couraged to take advantage of the Career Center services and aim to finish their last semester with enthusiasm and energy and encourage underclassmen to do so, as well.

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